Sunday, March 31, 2013

Advanced District Calendar User Hints

  1. Click 23rd District Event Calendar Tab To See Upcoming Events
  2. Click Event Name To Show More Details (When, Where, etc.)
  3. Click Print to See Options for List Printing 
  4. Establish Your Own FREE Google Calendar/Gmail Account and use the following powerful options:
  5. Once you open a FREE Google Account: You can SYNC to your iPHONE / iPAD or Android Phone/Tablet. (VERY HELPFUL on the road and it's easy and fun to do!)
  6. More Details (Shows Bigger Version & Allows You To Invite Others too.)
  7. Copy To My Calendar (Good For All Google Calendars You see on the web) will allow 2 click automation of all event information into your personal Google Calendar. Saves typing. 
  8. Click MAP to see location of event and get or send directions to an event.
  9. Take the time - less than an hour to get your free Google Gmail Account with Calendar and learn to use this very valuable tool.  You will find it GREAT for not just your Masonic Work but helpful in your day to day life as well.  Great for shared Family calendars too!
  10. Use this link to get started:   Sign Me Up For A FREE Gmail Account