Sunday, April 28, 2013

Masonic Sunday Funnies # 2

A Master and His Clock

It seems that another Mason, Master of his Lodge, was called to the Celestial Lodge above and met with the gatekeeper.

He identified himself as a member of the Craft and gatekeeper asked, "What Lodge?"
Proudly the Master replied, "Old Adage Lodge #1."

The gatekeeper immediately took him to the Masonic Clock Room. The Master, in puzzlement, looked around the room which was filled with clocks. Each clock had a Lodge′s name on a brass plate and, strangely enough, each clock was at a different time.

He asked why and gatekeeper informed him that the hands only moved when someone in that Lodge made a mistake in the Ritual.

The Master then asked where his Lodge′s clock was as he couldn't see it.
The gatekeeper replied, "Why, it′s in the kitchen, of course."
"The kitchen," said the Master?
"Yes, you see, we needed a new fan."