Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How do you demonstrate Freemasonry?

You might have an emblem on your car or a pin on your lapel, or maybe even a ring on your finger, but is that how you demonstrate what Freemasonry is? 

I began to wonder just how many people know what being a Mason is really all about.  Anyone can Google these days to learn more about Freemasonry.  Fact and fiction links about Freemasonry is returned by the millions on any given day.  

Since that is so easy, do we really need to tell or better yet show anyone?    

In searching for an answer, maybe we should ask ourselves:

"When is the last time I visited a sick brother or checked in on a widow?"

"When was the last time I supported a Lodge public service event?"

"When is the last time I talked to someone about Masonry and what it means to me, particularly with someone not in the Fraternity? "

It’s easy to purchase Masonic emblems, rings, pins, hats or other merchandise and display them for all to see. It’s much harder, and much more rewarding and challenging, to actually perform some physical action that supports the beliefs we profess by displaying Masonic icons.

Maybe work and family commitments keep you busy on Lodge night for real. Maybe watching or doing the ritual is not your cup of tea. I would argue that you're missing the point, drop the excuses and support the education of our candidates, but that is for another post.  

Almost every Freemason on their investigation says: "I want to become a better person" or "I want to give back to the community."  Activities of your Lodge and other Lodges around the district during the year provides those opportunities.

I've had the pleasure in my 15 years of Freemasonry to meet and join with other quality men of action.  Men who step up to lead or support the many avenues of service in our fraternity.

To those men I say thank you for doing what you do!

To the others that know they can do more than what they have so far, I ask you to step out of the shadows and into the light, get out of your comfort zone and DEMONSTRATE what Freemasonry is all about. Satisfy what your heart tells you that you can do.