Friday, June 14, 2013

An Author Worth Reading

Carl H. Claudy 
Masonic author 
D.C. Grand Master in 1943
Executive Secretary of MSA

From the Masonic Service Association:

"There was a time, an age before television, video rentals, and pro sports, when Freemasons read. An age when sitting before a fire with a book of Masonic lore or history was regarded as an evening well spent. Emerging from that time is the name of an author unparalleled in his contributions to Masonic literature. Anyone who has read just a little of Carl H. Claudy's works cannot help but be charmed by the story told and the manner of expression.

Foreign Countries, Old Tiler Talks, The Old Past Master, A Master's Wages, These Were Brethren, Where Your Treasure Is, The Lion's Paw, and Masonic Harvest, are but a few of his more well known Masonic works.

Honor our Brother and brighten your Masonic Light and pick up and read one of his works.  You will enjoy comparing his perspective to today's world.