Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boy Scouts Raise Flag

1st Annual Troop 151 
Memorial Day Flag Raising 
at Boylston Lodge

The troop camped out on Lodge grounds 
during very wet and cold conditions 
in the days leading up to 
Memorial Day 2013.

Saturday & Monday they performed public service 
at the West Boylston Memorial Day Program. 
Despite the weather their spirits 
were not dampened and they
cheerfully and patriotically 
raised the flag in honor 
and memory of
the fallen men and women 
of our American Military.

(Editors Note: Memorial Day Weekend 2013 was the coldest and wettest in the last 20 years! You can see in the picture the weather had cleared up in time for Monday)  Boy Scout Troop 151 ( Mohegan Council ) was recently re-chartered to the West Boylston Masonic Charity and Education Association.  They have been very active in and around public and Lodge events.  They are a very good group of boys who someday should prove to be some very fine and active men in community and service to their country!