Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What is a True Freemason?

A True Freemason does more than just call himself one.

Reading about the noted Freemason's of the past brings this thought to mind. I'm not reading about members who sit home or sit in a meeting watching from the sideline and think they are doing something Masonic. I'm reading about Freemasons who were or are men of action!

These Freemason's are active in their Lodge, in their community, and often in the service of their country!  Oh yes, they take care of their family, but with no excuses or regrets they take actions to practice the Three Great Tenets of Freemasonry. Remember them?

A True Freemason makes the necessary time and place for both.  

How do they do it?

A common trait of all the True Freemason's of action is that they always invest the time in themselves (finding a way around the often used excuses of the young) to study those who have lived a life of more light.  They internalize what they learn, incorporate that knowledge into their character, and take quantifiable actions to become the man they joined Masonry to be.

Where and when will your studies begin?

Ask your Lodge Mentors & Master's 
they will be happy to point you to the light.