Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ponder This Masonic Challenge

Being a Mason means much, much more than simply belonging to another organization that is respected in the community. Freemasonry is much, much more than just another association where you hear fine‑sounding lectures and forget them. 

Each of you has undertaken to answer and obey all lawful signs and summonses; you should attend your lodge whenever you can, pleading thereto no excuse save sickness or the pressing emergencies of your public or private avocations. 

Each of you has the responsibility of sharing your time, not only in the lodge but beyond it. 

Each of you is responsible for the use of your abilities and possessions for the benefit of the lodge, the Craft, and the world at large, so far as may fairly be done without injury to yourself or your family. 

If the fundamental principles of Masonry are observed, your abilities, time, and possessions will be expended for the benefit of all mankind, and your Masonry will be meaningful. 

Herein lies your 3 step challenge 
in the next 30 days to be more 
than just a Brother of Freemasonry:

1) Demonstrate the virtue of Brotherly Love.  Reach out to a deserving Brother and do something for him or his family that he does not expect.  Do something that will make his day, maybe his week, or even his month.  Build your bonds with your Brother and it could last a lifetime! 

2) Open your eyes, look around you, there are good men, men of action who would enjoy being part of your Lodge. Make a goal to help build your Lodge this October and share the secret of Freemasonry.  Bring him to open events, especially the Open House.

3) Join with Brothers from your Lodge, or from around your District, and perform a service for your community!  Everyone has said during their investigation: "I want to give back, I want to help people."  Have you recently?  Really?  The opportunities to serve are there, bring a Brother with you and make a difference.  You will both enjoy it, and who know it may even become a habit.

Accept the challenge and let your Masonic principles live!

Send us your story of how you met this challenge and we will 
share the best ones with our readers!

Use the sharing links below and challenge a Brother to take these steps with you!