Friday, September 19, 2014

Usages of the Cable-Tow

The Cable-Tow is a rope such as would be used to tow or restrain.  It is also generally regarded as a symbol of the voluntary and complete acceptance of, and pledged compliance with, whatever Masonry may have in store.  

To many, the Cable-Tow is symbolic of the umbilical cord, which is necessary to begin life; but is severed when love and care replace it, and the individual grows on his own.   

The length of the Cable-Tow is frequently referred to in the language of Freemasonry, but many of the new Brethren do not understand its meaning.  In the 1800's, a Cable-Tow was deemed to be the distance one could travel in an hour, which was assumed to be about three miles.  

Each Mason is bound to all other Masons by a tie as long and as strong as he himself determines his ability will permit.  One may also consider the idea of the silver cord (Ecclesiastes 12:6) and the Cable-Tow.

Brother: May your Cable-Tow know no bounds for those who truly are in need!

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