About This Almanac

Welcome to The Masonic Almanac.

Maintained by modern day Freemasons who have been inspired 
by the works of Benjamin Franklin. 

A noted polymath, Franklin was a leading author, printer, civic activist, political theorist, 
politician, satirist, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor,  
statesman, diplomat and active Freemason. 

His life's work embodies the definition of "a man of action!"   

His writings, publishing work and public engagement during the colonial period helped 
educate many individuals who's collective works, guided by their faith in the divine, 
gave birth to this great country.     

This modern day digital version of a Masonic Almanac hopes to educate and influence those who want to build on the legacy of the great men in Freemasonry.  Those men who 
understand it is only by their individual and combined actions 
can we hope to keep and protect the freedoms that our 
Founding Fathers envisioned for us.     

Our goal here is to originate or re-publish with proper credits (when available) quality Masonic writings in the form of essays, short stories, quotes, news events and pictures of modern day Freemasonry in action. 

These writings are geared and directed to members of the Craft but is open for reading 
and education of the public as well.  Our desire is to support Masonic Education 
and help build a strong and active worldwide fraternity, which in turn creates
and benefits local communities and charities with our day to day activities.  

From misguided sources too much is portrayed today in the media, 
written in books or on the Internet, about Freemasonry that is false .  
Other instances the Freemasons name is used to sensationalize 
stories for fictional enjoyment or attention grabbing mental fodder.  

In an effort to enlighten those who wish to know the truth,  inspire those who understand, we intend to publish in this Masonic Almanac exemplary events and information about Masonic activities from many Masonic jurisdictions.

We hope through these writings the readers will understand the real foundations and principles of Freemasonry.  We want to help the reader separate fact from fiction and learn the truth of what Freemasonry is about.  We hope to share our stories and 
build an understanding of what Freemasonry means to a Freemason, our families, our communities and beyond. 

We hope you enjoy our efforts.

In your service,
Brother and Sir Knight
 Don Lagasse
Masonic Ambassador and Masonic Almanac Editor